You Can Build A Million Dollar Business, Just Like I did with Growth-Hacking.

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Each year, nearly 50 million startups are launched around the world, with a failure rate of 90%.

In this webinar serial-entrepreneur and cofounder of Tekrevol, Abeer Raza, covers the key points for small business owners and entrepreneurs to become the next breakout story in the world of business:

  • Why Businesses Fail In The First Place?
  • What Can We learn From the 10% Businesses That Succeed?
  • Lessons To Learn From The 90% Businesses That Fail
  • What Is Growth-Hacking?
  • How Can You Apply Growth-Hacking Principles To Grow Your Business Into More Than A Million Dollar Business?

This webinar focuses on the strategies business owners can apply to take a simple idea and shape it into a million dollar plan.

It also provides insights on why large financial investments are not the only way to become a million dollar company in under two years, through growth-hacking and smart business decision making.

For business owners, the lesson is simple - think growth and build million dollar companies, like we did!

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Abeer Raza

Abeer Raza is a serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and CMO & Co-Founder of Tekrevol, a leading Technology Company based in Newark, California.

Abeer’s journey as an entrepreneur has given him the opportunity to work with numerous businesses and startups, and guide them towards augmented growth, through his expertise in technology.

His success is best exhibited by the exponential growth of his business, a bootstrapped startup that became a million-dollar company in less than two years. Based on the principles of Lean Methodology, a combination of Abeer’s ethos of structured chaos, and growth-hacking, Tekrevol has emerged as a leader in a cut-throat industry.